SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento State University students are working with storm water to try and save our waterways – and possibly help with the drought.

“It’s quite dirty.  It’s got a lot of pollutants. You have metals in here, particles,” said project manager Dipen Patel.

The students are studying storm water collected in bins, testing to see what combination of things – like sand, clay and gravel – will help clean the storm water.

“A lot of our drinking supply comes from lakes and rivers,” said graduate student Kelly McCamman.

McCamman says he became interested in storm water because he fears what it’s doing to our water supply.  Storm water collects a lot of debris and then goes straight into rivers and lakes with no filter.

“If it’s not treated, it goes straight into rivers,” Patel said.

Under this project, the students will see what works best to clean the storm water.

“There are different layers that are designed to treat the water better than what you use currently,” McCamman said.

There is the potential this could help with droughts in the future.

“We are adding to the ground water supply over long periods,” Patel said.

The drought has put the focus on our water supply – and these students are already ahead of the curve, looking for innovative technology to help influence our ecosystem.


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