Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story may have given the impression that UC is raising tuition. After consultation with the University of California, we think it is important to make it clear that UC is not raising tuition in the 2014-15 school year.

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Despite promises from incoming UC President Janet Napolitano last year that there would be a tuition freeze for 2014-15, the UC Board of Regents says it is discussing raising tuition in the future.

UC Davis students like Junior Byron Tam say they barely make ends meet with current tuition costs.

“I have a son, and I really rely on lower tuition, especially this year” he said. “To break that promise to students is just awful.”

If the UC system increases tuition, there’s a chance it could lose funding from the state.

Gov. Jerry Brown has promised $142 million more for UC schools, but only if tuition remains flat. He’s said he wants tuition to stay where it is until 2017.

“The money that has increased in the budget for the coming fiscal year is predicated on the fact that both UC and CSU continue to keep those fees at a flat level,” said Director HD Palmer with the state Department of Finance.

Palmer wouldn’t go as far to say funding would be pulled, but Napolitano says it’s too early to know if there even will be a tuition hike.

“A lot of numbers float around,” she said. “I’d just say our intent is to hold the freeze as long as we can while sustaining the excellence of the university.”

The assistance from the state is not guaranteed, as it needs approval from the state Senate and Assembly.