Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant with SLB Consulting. As the principal at SLB Consulting, Barker works in government consulting, digital marketing, SEO, social media and lead generation. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University, Sacramento.

(Photo Courtesy of Shane Barker)

(Photo Courtesy of Shane Barker)

How did you get started in your field?

“I created a company called Hot-Pad (a reusable heat source) during my time in college. I developed everything from obtaining the patent, creating the logo, website, sales channels, marketing plans and more.”

What do you think the future of your field is for Sacramento?

“The future is growing enormously as industries expand to more of an online presence and it is a way to take a local brand worldwide at a fraction of the cost. Digital marketing will start to overtake traditional advertising with everyone using smartphones and the web more and more.”

What is your advice to someone considering working in your field?

“Start building your online profiles, test various messages and use different platforms. It is all about data, so the more quality content you push out the more exposure you’ll get.

What are the job prospects for individuals interested in entering your field of study?

“The opportunity for digital marketing is great as the internet is growing exponentially and everybody wants to be #1 on Google.”

Can you offer any advice to graduating students or job seekers?

“The best way to prove yourself is with your own personal profiles. I recommend an internship at an agency to gain experience working with clients and understand agency work. Stay well read, understand the implications of certain platforms and network combining online self-marketing and in-person events.”

How has a degree impacted your life?

“A degree shows that you set a goal and accomplished it, however, your success really comes down to your experience and how well you showcase your skills. My degree laid that foundation and created the basis for my success today with opening doors.”

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