Tuesday afternoon Deuce is out sick so Little Joe Pittman joins Jason and Morgan! They talk about Mark Cuban and his latest comments about the NFL imploding in 10 years and ask fans if football will be the most popular sport in 20 years?

They talk about the NFL’s new penalty and how players can’t dunk the football on the goal posts to celebrate a TD. They debate the new penalty and ask listeners how they feel about the NFL’s new rule.

It’s TRUTH or TRASH Tuesday! Morgan reads statements like: The NFL will still be the most popular sport in 20 years, The Masters will flop if Tiger Woods doesn’t play and Bryce Harper will win this years’ MLB MVP. Joe & J-Ross debate and fans help too to determine what’s truth and what’s trash.

They talk about the NCAA Tournament and what their brackets are looking like this far into March Madness, then touch on Bob Knights comments about college basketball’s one and done.


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