Say What? What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

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Maybe I’m just hormonal and/or extremely sensitive but I believe some people, even well-intentioned ones, shouldn’t speak to moms-to-be.  Here are some annoying, upsetting and even scary things people have said to me throughout my pregnancy so far —

1.)    “Your face looks so different now! It’s a lot fatter…”

2.)    “Your belly is so big! Are there twins in there?”

3.)    “My friend just gave birth to a stillborn baby.”

4.)    “You can’t drink coffee!”

5.)    “You shouldn’t wear dresses like that anymore because your belly is so big now.”

6.)    “I can’t believe you ate all of that!”

7.)    “You look so tiny!  I hope you’re not starving yourself!”

8.)    “Stop saying you’re pregnant!  You don’t look like it yet!”

9.)     “Don’t name her that.  I don’t like it.”

Some of my girlfriends have received some pretty interesting comments also, such as–

*     “How far along are you?  You look like you’re going to pop!”

*     “Was it planned?”

*     “You must be having a girl.  You’re so wide and big!”

Thanks to our hormones most moms-to-be are nervous, extremely emotional and insecure.  Please watch what you say before you make a preggo lady cry! :X

Thanks for allowing me to vent. :) Have a great Tuesday!




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