MODESTO (CBS13) — A 5-year-old boy was struck and killed by a Modesto city bus on his way to meet his mother after school.

Investigators say school at Tuolumne Elementary had let out and the kindergartner was  crossing the street to meet his mother on the other side.

“He dashed out between two cars right into the bus,” neighbor Nancy Haverly said.

That’s when the city bus ran him over. The boy would die at the scene.

“She was just going spastic, but you can understand it, because she was so upset,” said Haverly. “Her child is laying there dead, and she can’t do anything about it.”

She and her husband tried to give the little boy CPR, but it was too late.

“The other kids were coming out. The parents were trying to keep the kids from seeing it, making them look away,” said Haverly.

Parents say kids run across the street every day when school lets out and say there needs to be more supervision or a way to warn drivers to be careful.

“I know I’m constantly looking both ways before I step out to put the kids in the car,” Laura Johnson said. “It’s scary.”

Classmates of the boy showed up Wednesday night to leave candles and flowers near the spot where he was killed.

The school district says letters were sent home to parents about the accident. Grief counselors were at the school on Wednesday and will be back on Thursday.


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