SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento City Planning Commission passed a new development raising the ire of East Sacramento residents

The plan would add 336 homes along what is now a few billboards and weeds along the Capital City Freeway. The development still needs approval from the City Council.

Developers who promise that no two of those homes will look alike hope to sell the first houses by next spring.

“Inventory is low, demand is high,” said Megan Norris with the development team. “People want homes with modern amenities in the area, and they want to be close to the city center.”

But some neighbors believe the 48-acre project is going to be a stress on local roads.

“East Sacramento already has one of the most congested neighborhood streets in all of Sacramento,” said a woman.

Opponents of the project are upset with the developer, saying he mislead them on the number of access routes.

“The project isolated into a pit with two exits: one that goes to a landfill and one that dumps out into a busy C Street in the McKinley area,” said Dean Dana.

But the development team says findings reveal there will be less than a 10-second delay with the added cars.

“It seems like a lot of traffic to some of the people that live there, but when you really looks at it, the traffic study found it would be less than significant,” Norris said.


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