We’re keeping track of April Fool’s Day jokes, both good and bad, on the Web. Got one you want us to add? Tweet us at @cbssacramento.

Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge

Google is looking for the very best, like no one ever was. All you have to do is catch all 719 of them, and you’ll be in the running for this job.

Samsung Wearable Glove

A solar-powered wearable glove that performs a pull my finger reproduction that’s “highly recommended for users under 10 years old or who desire to be alone in his or her surroundings.” Also features a digital projector that’s activated the same way Spider-Man uses his webbing.

LinkedIn Senior Punch Card Programmer

This is for people who want to make real programs: The kind that’s made out of pounds of punch cards. Patience and knowledge of open source punch card frameworks are a plus for this job.

Firefly Reborn on Netflix

Fans of the short-lived Fox series that was aired completely in the wrong order, and definitely deserved more than a season and a movie will be disappointed to find out this one isn’t happening.

Virgin America’s New Feature: Total Temperature Control By Nest

This one is played straight for awhile, and if you weren’t aware of the cost of installing one of these thermostats in each seat, it seems almost plausible for Virgin America. Then Cancun happens.

Star Wars: Friendship is Magic

Product synergy somehow melds Boba Fett and My Little Pony.

Introducing Puppy Connect

American Well discusses how it came up with its new feature, letting people connect with puppies as easily as a doctor or a nutritionist, and the challenges in implementing the system. And yes, there is a non-compete clause in each puppy’s contract.

Drew Carey, Craig Ferguson Switching Places

Viewers of The Price Is Right and The Late Late Show will be getting a surprise on Tuesday as the hosts swap places.

CBS Sacramento

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