Monday afternoon Little Joe Pittman joins Deuce and Morgan to talk about OPENING DAY!

Bip Roberts joins the show to talk about what it was like as a player on opening day and tells the guys what the Giants are expecting to accomplish this season and how they will need to battle hard to win the West. He predicts the Athletics season and talks about his expectations of playoffs. He touches on Oakland needing to get over the hump and get past the first round this season.

They talk about DeSean Jackson and where he might land this offseason. They touch on Oakland having the advantage and ask Raider fans how they would feel if they were to come to the Bay.

DeMarcus Cousins is releasing an R&B single called “Emotional” they touch on that and ask listeners if they are excited for his new song.

They go over their highs and lows of the weekend and finish the show with some Closing Time, where Deuce and Joe debated on topics like: Which Time will have the better season? Lincecum or Hudson and Will Josh Donaldson have another MVP caliber year?


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