NATOMAS (CBS13) — Another necklace with the ashes of a loved one has been lost, and this one still needs help making its way back to the owner.

Cathy Lopez still has a hard time talking about her mother, Audrey, passing away on Valentine’s Day.

“She just was my world,” she said. “She was always there, your rock.”

That grief was made worse after she lost the locket containing her mother’s ashes. It bears the engraving “Precious Mommy” with her mother’s death date on it.

Cathy found the necklace chain broken and dangling around her neck on Friday night while at the Regal Natomas theater.

“I looked everywhere,” she said.

But neither Cathy or the staff found it.

She saw the story last week about Bianca Cisneros, who found a necklace containing her sister’s ashes, thanks to Facebook.

So Cathy and her husband, former world-champion boxer Tony the tiger Lopez, are hoping the power of social media will hope find her locket too.

Tony’s post has more than 1,000 shares so far.


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