30 Weeks

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Only 10 more weeks to go!  Woohoo!

How I’m feeling: It’s hit or miss. Some days, I’m extremely tired and moody. Other days, I feel fantastic and am full of energy! I’m grateful every day. :)

Baby girl’s size: According to my What to Expect app, she’s as big as a butternut squash. She’s about 17 inches long and weighs about 3.1 pounds.

Movement: She’s still moving around a lot but I can tell she has less space to work with now. She definitely feels a lot larger in my womb. I also felt her first couple bouts of hiccups these past few days. So cute!

Sleep: Last week was rough. I barely got any sleep, but I sure made up for it this past weekend.

Recent Cravings: Costco’s Polish hot dogs. I haven’t caved in… yet. Pregnant women are encouraged to not eat hot dogs unless they’re cooked well done. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls have been on my mind for weeks! I tried cinnamon rolls from other places, but they haven’t been able to satisfy the craving.  I’ve been too lazy to drive to the mall. :X

Symptoms: Some leg and back pain, but nothing major. I’ve been very fortunate.

I hope your week is going well!




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