SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — She says it’s a face she’ll never forget: The face of a man who abducted, beat and raped her off of Interstate 80 in Sacramento County.

She is one of three victims of the Interstate 80 rapist.

Last week, investigators arrested Kenneth Anderson for allegedly raping his co-worker inside a Subway in the early morning hours.

While Anderson bore a close resemblance to sketches provided by victims, Sacramento County Sheriff’s investigators say his DNA didn’t match.


LEFT: Subway rape suspect Kenneth Anderson. RIGHT: Sketch of Interstate 80 rape suspect based on victim’s description. (Credit: CBS13)

But one of the victims we spoke to says she isn’t convinced he’s not the same man, because of that resemblance.

It was a night in December that still haunts a woman we’ll call Barbara.

“He threw me down into the embankment,” she said. “And from there it was just hell.”

She says her attacker grabbed her as she walked on Madison Avenue at around 9 p.m. while she was on the phone with her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend heard me scream,” she said. “He kept trying to call back.”

But Barbara says the man threw her down an embankment off of Interstate 80, beat her, then raped her.

“He choked me, and all I could think was, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to die tonight,’” she said. “I thought there was no way out.”

To her surprise, her attacker left her there.

“He pushed me down, threw my jacket over my face,” she said. “He told me to count to 100, and then he walked away.”

She says she knew it wasn’t her attackers first time sexually assaulting someone, because he was very calm throughout the attack.

She only saw his face once, but she says she’ll never forget it. So, when she saw Anderson’s mugshot last week, she believed her attacker was finally behind bars.

But investigators say Anderson’s DNA wasn’t a match to the suspect in the string of Interstate 80 rapes.

Barbara holds out hope every day that investigators will tell her they’ve caught the serial rapist, and justice is finally served.

“I just hope they find him soon before he killed somebody,” she said.


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