SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A day after four suspicious fires kept firefighters busy, investigators are looking for clues into the possible arson cases.

“It’s not very often we get four or five working structure fires in the same day,” said Lloyd Ogan with the Sacramento City Fire Department.

Four fires within seven hours burned three homes in East Sacramento and a warehouse with valuable vintage cars in Downtown Sacramento.

The last fire at 14th and E streets created a plume that could be seen from miles away and caused more than $2 million in damage.

“They experienced some significant loss,” Ogan said.

Officials called the fires suspicious Thursday, but now investigators say they need more evidence to uncover a cause.

One then the four fires have in common is they were on properties that sit along an alleyway. Neighbors in East Sacramento like Bill Vandyck are worried these paths give too many people access to their homes.

“There is usually commotion and noise out there, so I didn’t think much of it and all if the sudden smoke came out,” he said.

Crystal, who cares for 3-year-old Mitchell, says she has been on alert since finding out the fires may have been set on purpose.

“What if we had been upstairs and they hadn’t known we were up there and we’d be trapped up there?” she said. “It’s made me a little nervous.”

No one has been arrested, and the investigation continues to see if there is a connection between the four fires.

“We are all looking for things that are similar that could indicate a pattern, and if we can determine that there is a pattern, then we can dig a little deeper into what that pattern is,” Ogan said.


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