ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A Roseville family is looking to save a special needs child across the globe. But, they’re finding out it’s harder than they ever imagined.

A mother’s bond with her child is unbreakable.

“He’s the most amazing child you could ever imagine … he doesn’t say a word but he doesn’t need to,” said Constance Solano.

The connection the Solano family has with 5-year-old Gabriel is special. He’s a child with Down Syndrome.

“I can’t put into words how deep the love is when he hugs us when he holds us. It’s almost an energy you can’t even explain; it’s almost like being touched by an angel you can just feel it in your body,” Constance said.

Constance says Gabriel has been a true blessing for the family.

“He’s changed our lives so much,” Constance said.

Now, the Solanos wants to expand their family by adopting another special needs child.

“He needs a soul mate, and we think that having another Down Syndrome kid would be the best,” Contance said.

Constance began the sibling search online.

“I saw her picture and just started crying,” Constance said.

The one is 2-year-old Jade – the only problem is she lives in China.

“It’s probably going to cost us $40,000 and there’s no getting around it,” Constance said.

Constance says if Jade is not adopted she could end up in a mental institution. The community is now rallying to save Jade.

“I think it’s awesome. If I could I would do the same thing,” said family friend Austin Morgan.

Constance encourages anyone to adopt a special needs child if they can.

“They would be such an amazing love for any family,” Constance said.

The family hopes to travel to China and officially adopt Jade in July. If it falls through, they’ll have to start the long process all over again.


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