MODESTO (CBS13) — Counselors were on campus at two Modesto middle schools just days after a stabbing at a slumber party.

Modesto Police say a 13-year-old girl stabbed her friend and sister before turning the knife on herself on Saturday.

Parents say it makes them think twice where they send their children to stay the night.

“You gotta know the family real well and the situation you’re getting into,” said parent Nick Stamos.

All three of the girls were taken to local hospitals where they were listed in serious or critical condition over the weekend. The hospital has not released a condition update since.

After the stabbing neighbors got together to decide how they would talk to their children about it.

“She heard about it, so I tried to explain to her that things like that don’t happen,” said neighbor Ross Chhy.

The district made counselors available to the children, and parents don’t believe the stabbing won’t affect the school on the long run.

“It’s a strong school,” said Stamos. “Excellent personnel at this school. They go over everything.”


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