ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A mountain lion is believed to be roaming around Rocklin after three sightings and a photo of the animal not far from a school.

The first sighting was on Feb. 21 along Morgan Court, followed by a second nearly two months later near Parker Whitney School. Then, just two days after that, the third sighting was on Humboldt Drive.

“All of the backyards get deer and skunk, every other kind of animal you can imagine,” said Don Lambrecht, who saw the animal. “This is like the Wild West out here.”

He hadn’t seen a mountain lion until a month ago when his dogs were going nuts and he looked out of his bay windows.

“We weren’t sure what it was at first,” he said.

But he would get a clear view, snap a picture and call police.

This week, police phones started ringing again with word of another mountain lion sighting.

Joyce Metzger with Rocklin Police says mountain lions love to chase prey.

“The biggest mistake you could ever make is turn your back and run from the animal,” she said.

If you run into one, she says to make yourself look bigger than you are by putting your arms up, and then finding a way to slowly back away from the animal.

Neighbors say they don’t like how comfortable the cat is getting, worried it’s waiting to make a meal out of someone’s small pet.


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