Joe Wood is the instructional technology coordinator at Natomas Charter School where he oversees the technology department and provides professional development for his fellow teachers. He received his degree in Bio Science from UC Davis, and his Master’s in Educational Technology from California State University, Stanislaus.

(Photo Courtesy of Joe Wood)

(Photo Courtesy of Joe Wood)

What is your opinion on re-education?

“I disagree with the idea of re-education because we need to be constantly educating our workforce. Teachers, and other professionals need to be lifelong learners who take time to learn new things that are applicable to their jobs. Regardless of the field your career is in, you have to constantly educate yourself. You can’t always rely on your employer for professional development. It’s important to always be in control of your professional learning, whether that means you sign up for free classes, cheap seminars or read up on new techniques and innovations.”

What challenges do those re-entering the workforce face?

“Veteran educators and new teachers face a different, but equal challenge. Veterans need to spend more time teaching digital tools. Younger teachers may feel comfortable with technology, so their focus should be on developing their basic scholastic training.”

How have you seen your teaching evolve?

“Education is changing, and we need to change with it. Before, it was ‘what do you know?’ and now it’s ‘what do you think about it?’ We are teaching students to see how facts work together, so our classrooms have become project and workshop based. We are reshaping what we are doing in order to prepare kids for college and the workforce. Students may start down one career path, but as the industry changes and the economy changes, they may find that career path is no longer viable. It’s our job to teach students the necessary skills they need to adapt. We are preparing them for an indeterminate future.”

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