Jason Stoke is the branch manager for Robert Half, a specialized staffing agency in Rancho Cordova. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College of California.

(Photo Courtesy of Jason Stoke)

(Photo Courtesy of Jason Stoke)

What do you think the future of your field looks like in Sacramento?

“I think the future looks bright, not just for staffing agencies, but for businesses here in Sacramento. As the housing and construction market continues to improve, we’ll see new jobs added to the Sacramento valley, driving employment growth here locally. We’re seeing more movement and optimism in the market in recent months. A lot of individuals, who took other positions in the downturn, are stepping out and looking for new opportunities as the market improves. As local organizations look to backfill these vacated positions, and prepare for new growth, they’re bringing in full-time employees. While the market has improved considerably, many local organizations are still hesitant to hire full-time right out the gate and are working closely with staffing and employment agencies to hire on a temporary to full-time basis; which gives them the flexibility to assess the candidate in the role before making a full-time offer. At this stage now, many companies are employing a temp-to-hire mindset as the local economy continues to improve and grow.”

How do you help seasoned workers overcome employment challenges?

“We work closely with seasoned workers to provide advice and training to help better position them to find employment opportunities in today’s market. I work with seasoned job-seekers to provide advice on what to highlight in their resume and job application materials. I also help facilitate free online training through Skillport to help candidates access new skills in software, or brush up on existing skills. I also like to discuss the option of temporary work for seasoned professionals. Temporary positions can help job-seekers gain new skill sets, meet new people and can even turn into a long-term position once an employer sees firsthand what the candidate is capable of delivering.”

How has your degree helped you succeed in your field?

“While my degree in business administration has certainly been an asset for me in my current field, I think the biggest benefit for me is the life skills I learned while working to obtain my degree. Working full-time and putting myself through school really taught me the value of working hard to achieve an end goal. This is something I carry with me every day in my role here at Robert Half. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and focus – but once you get it down and succeed, the rewards are endless. “

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