SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local businessman is accused of taking more than $1.3 million from a foundation dedicated to housing the elderly.

Kevin Manz is accused of embezzling the money from the nonprofit that runs the Pioneer House, a senior care home in Downtown Sacramento.

His pastor, Phil Konz, was left in disbelief.

“It was a personal shock, you never would have suspected it,” he said. “I’ve known him to do a lot of good work, and to be a hard worker.”

But instead, a lawsuit accuses the local businessman, who was serving as chairman of the board, or writing huge checks to himself. That money was earned by the nonprofit by selling a care home in Downtown Sacramento, and was supposed to go toward helping the elderly.

“That obviously put a big dent in anything we could do,” said Konz, who also serves on the board. “It was a betrayal of trust, we thought. “It hit me personally, because I’m in the communities he’s in.”

The lawsuit alleges Manz funneled the cash into his other business, a media company designed to promote the gay and lesbian community called Pride Media. That company is now shut down.

When he was confronted about the missing money, Manz agreed to pay some back, but still owes nearly $1 million.

CBS13 stopped by Manz’s home on Thursday where no one answered.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office wouldn’t say if it was investigating the alleged embezzlement.

Meanwhile, Konz says the board will continue its work to help the aging who need it.

“It’s not just a house, it’s a place people can thrive,” he said.


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