The Grant Napear Show started off talking about the Masters tournament and the leaderboard through two days. Grant talked about the struggles of Phil Mickelson and the big day so far from Bubba Watson. Grant talked about the games last night with the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s. Grant discussed the A’s and Giants and asked the listeners who they would rather have.

Later on Grant had on Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger and talked about the new arena and when he expects to start breaking ground on the new arena and what to expect from it when the Kings finally play in 2016.

Grant also had on Ralph Lawler, the announcer of the Los Angeles Clippers. Ralph and Grant talked about the success of the Clippers over the last few years and how the addition of Coach Doc Rivers has helped the team reach another level they weren’t at before.

Finally Grant had on Coach Malone of the Sacramento Kings to talk about the team and how they’ve played over the last week or so. Grant and Malone talked about the encouraging play of Ray Mccallum recently and the continued stellar play of Demarcus Cousins.


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