AUBURN (CBS13) – Police say that an Auburn woman was scheming to kill her neighbor’s dog.

The woman, 45-year-old Tanya Meeth, was apparently fed up with how much her neighbor’s dog was barking, according to a press release from the Auburn Police Department.

Investigators say that Meeth then left an item baited with food on her neighbor’s property along the 100 block of Toyon Drive. The item, if eaten, would have seriously injured or killed the dog, police say.

The dog avoided eating the item and Meeth was arrested on April 8 on an attempted cruelty to animals charge.

Meeth has since been released from custody on a $10,000 bond.

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  1. Ryan Landers says:

    People need to stop their dogs from barking continuously! One of my neighbor’s dog never stops barking another growls & barks at me & my friends viciously every single time we try to get in our cars or trim the bushes in my driveway. He’s a big dog & their never told to stop their bad behavior. I’m actually concerned that he might get loose & he will attack a child or anyone out & about he is just mean. I’ve lived here longer than the dogs or their owners!! People, please be good neighbor’S!?!? Stop your dogs from barking at nothing all night, night after night, and in the day too. Don’t allow your dog to be so vicious that your neighbor’s awe scared to get in their cars, or they will for sure attack a child just walking to the school up the street. You may be able to sleep through your dog barking all night but many of us cannot!! I have yelled the same thing, but I would never harm an animal like that! If your dog gets out just once he will attack. & could kill a kid, either way your dog will be put down. It’s in everyone’s interest for dog owners to listen up & fix the problem(s)

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