By Kurtis Ming

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Billed by her old cable company three months after she switched to a new company!

When Irene Torres said it would take months to fix, it was time to Call Kurtis.

She said Frontier Communications isn’t her phone, Internet or cable company anymore — but three months after she canceled her old service, why is the company still billing her?

“I feel like I’m not being treated with respect,” she said.

Frontier sent her a refund check two months after she closed her account for money she overpaid.

But then another bill came for $72 in “other charges … from prior period(s)” for AT&T Reach Out America long distance service.

Torres said she never had AT&T.

“They’re trying to milk me for more money,” she said.

Baffled. she said Frontier admitted some mistake but said it could take several billing cycles before it was fixed.

“That’s on them, not on me,” she said. “I did my part. I paid my bill.”

“It does seem unusual,” said Gary Almond of the Better Business Bureau.

Almond said customers changing service should always ask for a final statement showing zero balance at the end of service.

But he said even then if charges like long-distance fees come in late, former customers may still have to pay.

“The question is is whether or not you actually made the calls,” he said.

She said she didn’t.

We reached out to Frontier which told us, “After detailed research, we have discovered the AT&T charges were a Frontier error. An incorrect code was used to zero out this account after it was terminated.”

“[Ms. Torres] will receive no further billing from Frontier,” the company spokesperson said.

Torres said after all this, she’ll never switch back.

“I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody,” she said.

Long distance charges can take up to one billing cycle to come in, but you should always make sure to get a letter showing your account is closed and you’re all paid off.

Again she said she never had AT&T, and never made those calls.


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