SACRAMENTO (CBS Sacramento) – According to a recent study, one-in-five people use social media at least once a day revolving around primetime television.

The Council for Research Excellence found that 19 percent of online Americans between the ages of 15 and 54 say they are on sites such as Facebook and Twitter with primetime content. They either post something or read something about it.

Researchers found that 16 percent of primetime viewers involve interactions with social media. The study referred to this as “socially connected viewing.” Most of the time viewers socially connect during new shows and during live sporting events. The study found that 33 percent of viewers socially connect on Facebook while 55 percent socially connect on Twitter.

Researchers analyzed over 78,000 mobile app entries provided by almost 1,700 participants.

“A key question we sought to address is how social media usage relates to new viewing platforms and behaviors,” Beth Rockwood, SVP for market resources at Discovery Communications who oversaw the CRE’s Social Media Committee, told Lost Remote.

“The majority of viewing remains live and on traditional TV sets, but we do see that social media use has a stronger relationship with the newer platforms and behaviors. This is evidence that social media is an important part of the new ways that people are consuming television content.”


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