SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Victims at ATMs were hit by thieves waiting for their prey to make one mistake before they strike.

Sacramento Police say it happened several times in North Sacramento. The victims would forget to answer that last question: Would you like another transaction?

The victims would instead walk away, leaving their card in the ATM where thieves standing nearby rushed in and withdrew cash from the victim’s bank accounts.

“I pick and choose my times when I go to the ATM, so I’ll definitely be more aware of that and more cautious,” said Leslie Cooke.

But police say in one case on Del Paso Road just a few days ago, the criminal didn’t wait for the victim to walk away.

Instead, in broad daylight, he pushed the victim out of the way and withdrew money from their account.

It’s a crime of opportunity that 78-year-old Marshall Mitchell says she’ll never give thieves.

“If somebody refuses to say yes or no, then that’s their problem,” she said. “They should push no.”

She says the criminals should be glad they haven’t met her.

“They’d be sorry they messed with me,” Mitchell said. “I’d win.”

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