CERES (CBS13) – A Ceres teacher is being called a hero for a life-saving move on a 9-year-old student.

Fourth grader Jagvir Dool was eating a fruit snack – something parents give their kids all the time — when he began to choke. Thanks to his teacher knowing the Heimlich maneuver, he’s now OK.

“I couldn’t talk. I was trying to get some air, but I couldn’t,” said Jagvir.

Jagvir is used to being out of breath when he plays soccer, but never imagined his favorite snack could kill him. It happened while he was eating Fruit by the Foot during a movie at school.

“It just formed into a ball I guess in my mouth,” said Jagvir.

All of a sudden he couldn’t breathe and could feel a sharp pain in his throat, he said.

“I was like oh my God, I’m really choking,” he said. “I just was thinking am I gonna die or something?”

That’s when, he says, his teacher, Emily Harry, sprang into action, using the Heimlich maneuver to free the snack from Jagvir’s throat.

“She was grabbing me by the stomach and started pushing it,” he said. “It just felt like a big hug.”

Jagvir says after a few pushes the chunk came flying out.

“Such a relief, it really is because an act like that saved his life and we couldn’t be more thankful for her,” said Jessie Dool, Jagvir’s sister.

Jagvir wasn’t hurt after what happened, but he says he won’t be eating another Fruit by the Foot any time soon.

“Not any more since they almost killed me!” he said.

“You never know with kids what can happen, so in an instant like that for her to know what to do was very, very good. It helped save his life,” said Jessie.

Jagvir tells CBS13 since this happened his Harry has banned the snack from her classroom.

Jagvir’s mom and dad plan to head to their son’s school after spring break to thank Harry personally.


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