SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS13) – The Sacramento Police Department’s new crime-fighting plan is putting everyone out on the streets, including the chief.

The new all-hands-on-deck policy just started because of the need for more officers on the streets.

Sacramento Police Department spokesman Doug Morse says this is something they have never attempted before.

“It’s a very exciting time for the Sacramento Police Department,” said Morse.

For the first time everyone in the department will put on a uniform and work patrol.

“Basically it’s all available sworn personnel,” said Morse.

Morse says everyone must work patrol for one week every month, including Chief Sam Somers who has already hit the streets twice.

“Patrol is going to be answering calls for service when someone calls 911 — they’re the first person to respond to those crimes often,” he said.

One of the reasons they are taking on the new strategy is because the number of officers in patrol with the department is at an all-time low.

“We have a lot of other things going on like gang task force,” he said.

Now those investigators normally with special teams like gangs, homicide and narcotics will be out on the streets sharing their knowledge with the 20 new officers who just graduated from the academy a few months ago.

“And someone who hasn’t been in patrol for a while, it reacquaints them with the basic functions, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved,” he said.

Measure U, a voter-approved tax increase, helped hire the new officers. It will bring in about 80 more this year. And while the department waits for its new crop of cops, it will be all-hands-on-deck for the department.

“The most crucial thing a community needs is when that person picks up the phone, calls 911, you want that call to get answered, and that’s what we’re really trying to accomplish,” said Morse.

Only one officer from a special team will be in a patrol at one time so investigations won’t be affected. The new patrol plan will continue into the summer.


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