NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) — Residents of the Antelope Ranch Apartments say they enjoy living there, but problems with sewage repeatedly backing up repeatedly have them concerned.

Carissa Sibona showed us the drying raw sewage sitting outside of her North Highlands apartment.

“it’s like an outhouse when you open your window,” she said. “You can’t do anything with your window open.”

She says it was even worse last week, and it’s not an isolated incident at the complex.

“It’s doesn’t just happen once here, once there,” said resident Daniel Mayfield. “It happens more than it should.”

He estimates it’s happened 10 times in just over two years.

The waste seems to be coming from what appear to be sewer lines next to their buildings. Residents say the incidents are addressed, but what’s left behind isn’t cleaned up and it’s not clear what is causing the problems.

“It’s a temporary solution, and we want something more permanent,” Sibona said.

We stopped in the apartment office and met with an employee who seemed willing to talk

“We’ve had some complaints from some customers or some residents,” she said. “It’s just (pause), um, no comment actually—I wouldn’t—don’t want to.”

Yep, someone told her over her shoulder not to talk, instead sending us to their corporate offices who didn’t return our calls.

CBS13 sent the pictures Sacramento County Code Enforcement, and they quickly followed up, making sure the cleanup happened.

“Code will continue to monitor the site to ensure [management] develops a plan and avoids further problems,” the county said in a statement.

“We just want to live in peace and know that we don’t have to jeopardize our health to live here,” Sibona said.

The waste was cleaned up on Monday afternoon. Residents are urged to call 311 if they run into more issues. The county says the issue is on the private end, and their only recourse is through code enforcement.


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