SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — On the first day of the massive construction effort on Highway 50, CBS13 tried two routes to travel from Davis to Rancho Cordova.

CBS13 photojournalist James Taylor took the typical route along Highway 50 and into the teeth of the project, while CBS13’s Nick Janes tried the alternate route suggested by Caltrans—taking Interstate 80 to Watt Avenue, then inbound to Business 80.

About 20 minutes into the rush hour drive, Taylor hit the project and was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic while Janes was in the free and clear and feeling confident.

“I think he’s moved just a couple of block here the last 10 minutes.”

But once Taylor got through, Highway 50 was smooth sailing. Meanwhile, Janes was stuck in traffic on Business 80, just past Cal Expo.

In roughly a half an hour, Taylor already reached the destination, while Janes was still making his way through traffic. He would arrive seven minutes later.

So on the first day, the faster route was through the construction.


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