ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A peaceful, suburban street was rocked when a teenager who was shot at a house party that turned out to be a hoax.

Rocklin Police say they are looking for two suspects who shot a teenager at the home and robbed another.

On Saturday morning, just after midnight, the slice of suburbia turned into a crime scene.

“I heard them arguing, and then I heard one gunshot,” a witness said.

Rocklin Police Sgt. Scott Horrillo says it all started with a case of jealousy.

“Apparently someone had misreported a house party being held on Abilene Circle.

A high-school student who lives on the street invited a few friends to her home. But one girl who didn’t get an invite felt excluded.

She decided to invite strangers to the Rocklin home as revenge by spreading word about a house party on social media.

“So a bunch of people showed up expecting to attend a party, and there was no party,” Horrillo said.

Neighbors said there were dozens of cars parked on the street.

Among the crowd that showed up were an 18- and 19-year-old who told police they got into an argument with two young guys. That eventually led to suspects robbing them, then taking out a gun and shooting the 18-year-old in the foot.

People who live doors away from the home were shocked that the social-media scandal turned shooting happened on the normally quiet street.

“I think it’s stupid, honestly, in a neighborhood like this where it’s really safe,” said Patrick Gines.

Police say they do have leads on the suspects. They’ll likely be charged with felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon.


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