By Tony Lopez

FOLSOM DAM (CBS13) — Law enforcement agencies prepared for the worst at Folsom Dam during a terror attack simulation on Wednesday.

With a Sacramento County Sheriff’s helicopter piercing the clear, blue sky, and SWAT sharpshooters in position on the ground, it was hardly a typical day at the power plant.

The drill simulation revolved around three robbery suspects who led police on a chase, then barricaded themselves next to sensitive equipment near the dam. They’ve taken hostages and could be anywhere.

“There’s so many places for people to hide,” said Sgt. Lisa Bowman, “so a great day to practice our entries, to practice our searches.”

Communication during the drill is key, with simulated scanner traffic from the helicopter relayed to units on the ground.

As the scenario unfolds, police get word that a Bureau of Reclamation employee is trapped in the dam area, afraid to move with the armed suspects on the run.

With a half-dozen law-enforcement and government agencies surrounding the area, it becomes a delicate dance of moving together without stepping each other’s toes.


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