Thursday afternoon Deuce and Jason Ross go over the NFL schedule! They talk about the toughest schedule in the league and why Seattle isnt taking on the Niners in week one.

Raiders CB Carlos Rogers joins the show to talk about the Raiders upcoming season. He talks about playoffs being a realistic goal for the Raiders and touches on the areas they still need to improve in. Rogers talks about playing for the Niners and why playing under Jim Harbaugh was exciting and why Aldon Smith and every NFL player can do to stay out of trouble off the field.

They talk about Michael Pineda getting a 10 game suspension for having pine tar on his neck and ask listeners what they feel about pine tar and whats the different levels of cheating. Deuce and J-Ross touch on the Giants and their inconsistent pitching and talk about the lack of production from Pablo Sandoval.

Warriors radio play-by-play announcer Tim Roye joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs and the Warriors vs Clippers series. Roye talks about Golden State needing to move the ball quicker on offense and why its more important to get Steph Curry going than it is to slow down Blake Griffin.

Former Executive with the A’s, 49ers and Warriors Andy Dolich joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about the latest drama in Oakland. He talks about why John Fisher is consistent with his answer about moving the team and says if the Warriors move their arena there is more of chance the city will lose all three teams.



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