Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

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When my husband and I learned I was pregnant, I’m pretty sure he was expecting a beautiful bump and a glowing, radiant wife.  Little did he realize my pregnancy wasn’t always going to be pretty.  Being pregnant is absolutely amazing, but there are also a number of embarrassing problems that come along with it… and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced these things!  Today, I share with you some of my blush-worthy pregnancy problems:

*The Waddle-  There’s no other way to walk during the last weeks of pregnancy… at least for me.  With the extra weight and constant pain, I lose my balance all the time now.  Walking like a chubby penguin/duck has become the usual these days.

Baby Ducks.

*Constipation-  Let’s just say the restroom has become my best friend.  We have spent many hours together.  Mark and I only have one bathroom in our home, so he has to keep patient for his turn.

*Full Bladder- On top of the constipation, having to pee every 10-15 minutes gets a little annoying after awhile.

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*Nausea-  The “I’m about to throw up” look isn’t exactly what I’m going for when gazing into my hubby’s eyes.  Unfortunately, that’s the only look he got from me the first few months of my pregnancy.

*Linea Nigra-  Mine is crooked!  It looks like I have two separate lines that detach and shift at the belly button.  Not cute.

*Deformed Belly Button-  I now have a half innie/half outie belly button.  The deformed belly button + the crooked linea nigra= not exactly the “beautiful bump” hubby had probably imagined.

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Despite these embarrassing pregnancy problems, being pregnant is absolutely beautiful.  These past months have been the happiest moments of my life.  Baby is getting bigger by the minute and stronger by the day. To top it all off, Mark has been such an amazing support system.  He’s fantastic.  I have a feeling I will miss being pregnant! :)

Happy Thursday friends!




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