STOCKTON (CBS13) — Two families were torn apart after a young couple died in an accident allegedly caused by two robbery suspects.

The crash killed Ritchie Rasmee, 21, and his girlfriend Sokhunthear Hin, 18, on Thursday night. One of the suspects was captured, but another is on the run.

At 7:45 p.m. on Friday, exactly 24 hours after the crash, family members kneeled in prayer at the Stockton street corner where two young innocent lives were lost.

“I can’t cry no more, I’m all out of tears, man,” said Rasmee’s uncle Phone Rasmee. “Whoever did this, man, I damn them forever.”

He says his nephew just celebrated his 21st birthday and bought a car just last week. Ritchie’s girlfriend had just graduated from high school.

They were trying to get home around the time Stockton Police say Brittney Tamayo and an unidentified man snatched someone’s purse at the Normandy Village Shopping Center.

Police say the suspects sped off down the road. A quarter-mile later, they allegedly blew a red light and got into the four-car crash.

The Honda Passport that police say Tamayo was driving collided with Ritchie’s Honda Acura.

“Last night, we were standing here looking at it and my dad and I were like who is it?” said Melissa Ho. “5 a.m., they called my dad and said it was his daughter. So we’re standing, watched the whole scene when they pulled the body out, it was his daughter.”

Throughout the day on Friday, family, friends and even strangers stopped by to pay their respects to the young couple.

Ritchie’s mother could barely put her grief and anger into words.

“And those people that hit him, I hope they rot in hell,” she said.

Police haven’t released a name or a description of the second suspect, who is still on the run.


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