NATOMAS (CBS13) — There’s a penny floating around the Central Valley right now that’s worth $80.

Robert Shanks of the Sacramento Valley Coin Club says the group has dropped four rare pennies into circulation in advance of their 57th Spring Show in Natomas this week.

The four rare 1909 pennies bear an S, meaning they were minted in San Francisco. What makes it so rare is the wheat penny was only made between 1909 and 1958, meaning there aren’t many floating around in 2014.

Weighing in at only a few grams, there are various rare coins out there that may be worth their weight in gold.

“I worked with a gentleman not too long ago who had some coins,” Shanks said. “He wasn’t sure what the value of them were. They turned out to be over $40,000.

The coin club show will be this Friday and Saturday in Natomas.


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