The guys kick off the show talking about the San Jose Sharks choking in the playoffs They talk to listeners and debate what the Sharks need to do for next year and where the coaching staff’s future stands.

The Oklahoma City local newspaper The Oklahoman, headlined a picture of Kevin Durant and titled it “Mr. Unreliable.” Today, they apologized and made excuses what they really meant. They guys talk about the newspaper writing this headline at all and debate why they later apologized for it.

Former MLBer and CSN’s Bip Roberts joins the show to talk about the progress of the Oakland Athletics.He talks about Josh Donaldson having an early All-Star caliber year and needs to be apart of the All-Star team this season. He also touches on Josh Reddick and how much he’s improved in the last month. Roberts says Reddick has started to take a professional approach to hitting and his batting practice which has helped him gain confidence.

Mike D’Antoni resigns as the Lakers head coach. Deuce and Jason talk about what this means for the franchise and how much Kobe Bryant wont have pull in who coaches the Lakers next.

Yahoo! Sports Marc Spears joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about all the top stories in the NBA. He talks about the Warriors and why Stephen Curry needs to step it up offensively and how that might be the only way for Golden State to keep this series alive. Spears says the truth about the Pacers will come out tonight when they take on Atlanta and says Indiana will be making changes with the coaching staff if they don’t get past this eight seed.



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