Friday on The Deuce and Jason Ross show the guys talk about all the headlines in the NBA playoffs! Will Paul George be suspended for Game seven, three Game sevens on Saturday for the first time in NBA history and was Glen Davis making a dirty play on Jermaine O’Neal last night?

San Francisco had to decide what they wanted to do with Aldon Smith by the end of today, during the showthe 49ers decided to exercise Smith’s 5th year contract option. The guys debate what this does for the team and the franchise and let fans talk about how they feel.

Eric Musselman joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs. He also talks about the Warriors vs Clippers series and what both teams need to do going into game seven. Musselman touches on Mark Jackson and his future with the Warriors, he says ultimately it all has to do with his relationship with management.

It’s Friday which means we played the Kentucky Derby Game Show! We have listeners call in and tell us which horse names are an actual Kentucky Derby Horse name and which name is just a porno, Lifetime movie title, or MC.


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