DAVIS (CBS13) — Dozens of UC Davis students staged a protest over a planned party by the name of “Cinco de Drinko” this weekend.

The student protesters marched through campus and into UC Davis’ Coffee House, where the organizers of the “Cinco de Drinko Sloshball” event work.

The Facebook invitation makes it very clear that attendees were to dress festively by wearing a sombrero and a fake mustache, or come in a border patrol officer costume.

Some student workers planned this weekend’s party—an event a school spokesperson says is canceled—promising cervesas (Spanish for “beer”) and time for a siesta.

“If they’re not aware of the consequences, if there are no consequences, they’re going to keep repeating the same mistakes,” said protester Jackie Santizo.

Dozens of students protested on Friday asking the university to put an end to the party.

The UC Davis vice chancellor condemned the party, and said the school would use the controversy to educate students in the future.



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