CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Neighbors were forced to evacuate on Monday as federal agents surrounded a home that was possibly full of explosives in Carmichael.

Duwayne Marine was one of those neighbours woken by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“Gave us half an hour to evacuate, and when I left, the little robot was in his driveway,” Marine said.

The agents served a search warrant at a home on Garfield Avenue home searching for firearms and heavy explosives.

A spokesman would only tell CBS13 that someone was arrested at the home on Sunday night, and that more searches were happening on Monday.

CBS13 uncovered a criminal complaint at the same address as the home that was search against a James Malcolm. He was accused of numerous illegal firearms sales and the making of homemade heavy explosives.

CBS13 located a Facebook video of a James Malcolm firing a modified gun, and neighbors say it’s the same guy.

“I’m really surprised, because he seemed like a decent guy,” Marine said. “I’ve talked to him a few times.”

The complaint alleges that Malcolm worked out of his home and a storage facility where CBS13 found law enforcement searching on Monday.

Malcolm made deals with undercover federal agents and delivered four converted AR-15 machine guns, 1.5 pounds of explosives, three blasting caps and a silencer, according to the complaint. In another deal, feds say he planned to sell even more, thinking the goods were headed to Mexican drug traffickers.

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