USA Today’s Sam Amick joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about the latest firing of Warriors head coach Mark Jackson.

He talks about the personality conflict with management and the way he ran his coaching staff. Amick believes the firing mostly has to do with Jackson and the way he worked with the coaching staff, Jackson wanted to do it all his own way.

Amick talks about the Golden State fan base and how much flack management will be receiving this upcoming off-season from them. He also talks about Warriors management not listening to the players or caring about their relationship with Jackson.

He touches on the rumored coaches coming in the mix and how Steve Kerr will most likely have interest, he also says Mike D’Antoni could be another possible candidate.

Amick talks about Kevin Durant being voted the MVP for the 2013-2014 NBA season and why he was not surprised at all with KD capturing 118 of the 124 1st place votes.



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