By Tony Lopez

DAVIS (CBS13) — Police are looking for victims of a serial stalker on the UC Davis campus.

The suspect has been arrested for stalking one UC Davis student, but police believe there are at least a dozen more victims.

It’s a mug shot you won’t soon forget, and police say the text messages allegedly sent by this suspect will be tough for their recipients to forget as well.

“Eric Bowling was arrested last week for harassing a UC Davis student through text messages,” UC Davis spokesman Andy Fell said.

Bowling, who lives in the city of Davis, is accused of cyberstalking women in the city of Davis and the UC Davis campus. But his fingers are no longer tapping the smartphone. They’re gripping jailhouse bars as he’s being held on $500,000 bond.

And his troubles may have only begun.

Police believe there may be more victims in the case—possibly 10 or more victims.

Students say it’s also good to know police were quick to pounce on a crime that’s sometimes tough to prove, and many times goes under-reported.

Detectives say you can help by saving those text messages and letting them know.


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