CLARKSBURG (CBS13) — A teacher, mentor, wife and mother is in trouble with the law after allegedly stealing medication from the very students she taught.

It was the topic of conversation as parents picked up their kids at Delta Elementary Charter on Thursday.

Sheri Haselhuhn, a veteran teacher with 14 years of experience, was arrested for stealing from students, some of whom she may have taught.

School officials noticed medicine missing from the student medication room. What they found on surveillance video surprised them and everyone else.

“If they’re stealing my kids’ medication, that would be wrong because that’s for my kids; it’s not for her,” said parent Carlos Alvarez.

Linda McCapes’ son was taught for years by the 40-year-old teacher.

“She taught my son how to read,” said McCapes. “She was nice.”

CBS13 went to the teacher’s home to get answers, but no one answered the door.

Yolo County detectives would only say their investigation is ongoing.

“I think the most important message to our families is that the safety of the children is [our] number one priority, and we want all our families to know that’s why we notified law enforcement and took immediate action,” said Principal Steve Lewis.

It was a tough lesson to learn for a well-loved teacher, staff and students.