GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — The story grabbed headlines around the world: A California couple found buried treasure in their backyard in the form of gold coins worth more than $10 million.

Now the much-talked about coins are on display for all to see.

From paintings to American flags, history will be told at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, but the gold coins are likely to steal the show from silver swords and a shotgun owned by Clark Gable.

“We’re kinda bringing the coins back to where they were buried, in the gold country,” said coin expert Donald Kagin.

The story behind them is like something out of a novel. A California couple found several rusty cans filled with rare gold coins buried on their property in the foothills. That loot is expected to fetch $11 million.

What you’ll notice most about the condition of the coins is what great condition they are in considering they sat in dirt for more than 100 years, possibly left behind by old miners. Their beautiful glow instantly makes visitors put themselves in the lucky couple’s shoes.

“I mean it was like the great treasure hunt, I mean it’s what we all dream of, hell a dollar on the ground never mind $10 million worth of gold,” said Mike Costello.

Only some of the coins will be on display, but with hundreds of thousands of dollars on display, armed guards will be on the lookout.

The gold coins will be on display through Saturday. It won’t cost millions for admission, just $7.


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