STOCKTON (CBS13) — A 3-year-old child was just centimeters from losing her life in her sleep when a barrage of bullets were fired into a family’s home in the middle of the night.

Out of the two-dozen rounds that hit the home, one of them hit the radio and went right through the wall where Aiyana Torres and her two siblings were sleeping.

With four staples in her head, Aiyana has no idea how close she came to dying on Mother’s Day. Her uncle Nate Sotello says it’s unbelievable nobody died, considering the number of bullets that went through their Stockton home.

“There’s one big one right there.”

“Another one through the back of the couch”

“Now I have a double faucet.”

bullet Stockton Child Narrowly Escapes Death After Nearly Two Dozen Bullets Fired Into Home

So far they’ve found about 24 bullet holes.

“My girlfriend and me, we sit here at night watching news,” Nate says, pointing to a couch that now has six bullet holes in it.

Rose Sotello was sleeping at the time. It was 2:30 a.m. when she woke up.

“Sounded like the Fourth of July. Bang, bang, bang, bang, right after another,” she said.

She crawled across the room to where her grandchildren were also asleep, where she found little Aiyona.

“She was sleeping right here,” Nate said, showing her bloody pillow.

Stockton Police say they’re searching for the suspects who shot up the home and came centimeters from changing a family’s life forever.

“Luckily none of them got killed,” Rose said. “God was watching over the babies.”

Aiyona and her two siblings haven’t slept since the shooting. Their mother says they’re looking for another place ot stay.

Police say they’re looking into whether this shooting was connected to two other homes that were shot at just hours apart.


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