PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — An El Dorado County Supervisor accused of accepting taxpayer dollars to clear brush off his land and failing to disclose that money was cleared of some of the most serious charges against him.

Supervisor Ray Nutting was able to walk out of the courthouse after being found not guilty on four felony counts by a jury, and a hung verdict on the fifth.

It was more than a year ago that Nutting defended himself to CBS13.


Two months after he spoke to CBS13, he was arrested on criminal charges, accused of perjury and conflict-of-interest-related felony charges stemming from his decision to accept taxpayer money to clear brush off of his own land, and allegedly failing to declare some of the money he earned.

But Nutting wasn’t cleared on all of the charges. He was also accused of asking for and accepting loans from county employees and contractors to make bail, which is illegal in California. He was found guilty on six of those misdemeanor counts.

Chuck Holland spoke to CBS13, saying he was approached by Nutting for a loan as well. He told us by phone on Wednesday that he was glad to hear Nutting was at least fond guilty of taking loans.

“As far as I view this, this is a good day for El Dorado County to clean up corruption,” he said.

Nutting will be back in court on June 6.

CBS13 contacted El Dorado County supervisors to see what’s next for Nutting and if he will be allowed to continue serving on the board, but we received no calls back.

Nutting’s attorney and the district attorney cited an ongoing gag order for not providing a comment.


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