SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A water rescue has turned into a hazmat scene under the I Street Bridge after a submerged boat was spotted Wednesday morning.

The boat had been anchored in the area, authorities tell CBS13. Another boater saw that the boat was submerged and called 911.

A Drowning Accident Rescue Team was called to the scene, but the Sacramento Fire Department was able to get a hold of the boat’s owner, allowing authorities to call off the water rescue.

Still, the boat is leaking fuel into the river, forcing authorities to declare the scene a hazardous material cleanup situation.

“We’re not quite certain how much fuel is in the boat, but what we’re trying to do is trap it,” said Sacramento Fire Department Battalion Chief Craig Weidenhoeft.

The sunken boat’s owner said that he had anchored the boat last night after working on it. He doesn’t know why the boat started taking on water.

About four boats a year go down in the Sacramento River, Sac Fire officials said.


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