BALTIMORE (CBS13/AP) — If Art Sherman has one worry about California Chrome, it’s the colt’s health.

The Kentucky Derby winner coughed a few times on Thursday, the result of a small blister in his throat that itches.

Alan Sherman, Art’s son and assistant trainer, said the blister appeared before the Derby and is being treated with a glycerin throat wash.

“After he ran in there, it came back a little bit,” Alan Sherman said. “It’s not a big deal at all.”

That didn’t prevent chatter that something was wrong with California Chrome and could affect his status for Saturday’s Preakness.

Sherman Racing Stables responded on Twitter, saying, “Chrome is fine. Vet stopped by to scope him and draw blood. Blood came back perfect. He is eating/acting normal.”

California Chrome visited the Pimlico starting gate Thursday, another step in making sure he is comfortable with his surroundings.

“He just walked in there and relaxed,” Art Sherman said. “There were a couple guys from Churchill Downs that were working on him. They knew him. He’s perfect.”

Ideally, every horse is pointing squarely at the racetrack when the gate springs open. California Chrome tends to rock side-to-side in the gate and that can leave him slightly off-balance when the bell rings.

“Sometimes he’ll get off just a shade slow,” Sherman said. “That can mean a length or two leaving there. That means you have to ride a different kind of race.”

In a post on California Chrome’s Facebook page, the thoroughbread’s owners also tried to squash any sort of rumor that that condition will affect his performance:

A lot of misinformation has been reported in the last few hours so Sherman Racing would like to put an end to any speculation.

California Chrome is fine. He coughed a few times today which is not unusual for him but prompted a lot of speculation by some media. He has coughed a few times a day since before his Derby win. Given his recent travel and changes in the weather the team wanted to be diligent. The vet scoped him and drew blood before the Kentucky Derby. The blood work came back clean and perfect. Chrome does have a small blister in his throat and per the vet only coughs because it most likely itches him.

This has not affected his training nor will it affect his training moving forward. He is eating normally and acting his usual self as well. His status in The Preakness Stakes remains the same in post position 3 and ready to run!



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