On today’s show Grant opened the show up discussing the controversial ending to Game 5 of the Clippers and Thunder series and Johnny Manziel being hidden from the media by the Cleveland Browns organization.

Grant went on to elaborate more in detail about his beliefs on why the series was even considering that Oklahoma City lost a tough Game 4 and the Clippers lost a tough Game 5.

On this show’s edition of, “Grant’s Rant”, Grant discussed people stalling time and not knowing what to put on their sandwiches at Subway or in line at any other store. “LET’S HURRY UP AND GO!!!”

The rant sparked many intriguing calls and stories near the end of the show that Grant discussed on air as well. Towards the end of the show Grant’s wife Starr shared her thoughts on their trips to the 99 cent store and Dollar Tree together, while Grant broke the news of Steve Kerr being hired as the new Golden State Warriors Head Coach and took calls from others on the hire.


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