ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – The owner of a dog taken from a car parked at the Roseville Costco has been reunited with the pup.

Charlie, a 10-week-old beagle, was stolen on Thursday. Roseville police said that Charlie was left in a well-ventilated, shaded car for a few minutes. But, when his owner – San Jose resident David Gulzadah – came back, Charlie was nowhere to be seen.

Saturday, Charlie’s owner tells CBS13 that the puppy had been returned to the Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation earlier in the morning. Apparently, the couple that took the puppy couldn’t handle the media coverage surrounding Charlie’s disappearance, so they turned him in to the shelter.

The shelter wasn’t taking any more animals, Culzadah said, but due to the media coverage about the puppy, he was taken to the home of one of the shelter’s managers. There, Charlie and his owner were reunited.

“He’s shaken and looked sad, but he’s doing very well now,” Gulzadah tells CBS13.

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