SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) – Stranded, scared and saved. Only CBS13 was there when a helicopter hoisted a teen trapped on an island surrounded by fast-moving water.

Standing underneath the blaring sounds of a rescue helicopter, crews were trying to swing a lifesaver at him.

Finally, the 15-year-old grabbed it and pulled it over his shoulders before looking up at the people who came to save him. He then got the ride of a lifetime, with the wind from the propellers swinging him from side to side as he was lifted into the chopper.

“He was able to put it on and they were able to bring him up to the helicopter, put him in the there for safety and land him in the parking area,” said Sgt. Ken Kramer from the Solano County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said the teen was swept away by strong currents and ended up getting stuck on an island in the middle of Putah Creek with cold rushing water all around him.

Family members tried yelling to the panicked teen from the shore to keep him calm.

“Just stay calm, you’ll be cool,” one family member said.

Tall trees were among the complications to rescue efforts. Crews had to maneuver into a position where the winds would allow for a rescue.

“It appears the dam is open and releasing water right now.  It looks like its rough on the top, so we know it’s going to be even worse underneath,” Kramer said.

A challenging rescue for crews, but a successful attempt at saving a life.

“They practice for this and obviously you can see they are very good at what they do,” Kramer said.

Originally it was two teens that were in need of rescue. But, a Good Samaritan was able to pull one of them out.

The teen who was airlifted did not want to talk after what happened, but he was walking around and seemed to be doing alright after getting off the helicopter.


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