Grant kicked off the Monday show talking about the rumor of the Rivercats possibly changing minor league affiliation, from the Oakland Athletics to the San Francisco Giants. He also discussed that California Chrome has been cleared to use nasal strips for the Belmont Race.

Robert Mathis has been suspended from the NFL for substance abuse, for 4 games. He is saying that it was for a fertility drug that he didn’t get cleared by the league prior to taking. Should he have his suspension lifted?

Tim Kawakami from came on with Grant to talk about Golden State Warriors hiring Steve Kerr and if the organization would have any interest in signing Kevin Love. He talked about why he thought hiring Steve Kerr was a good move but wants to wait until he meets with the players and gets his system installed. He believes the Warriors will try and go after Kevin Love. They discussed the Warriors move to San Francisco and the Warriors getting a new arena, across the Bay.

Howard Beck, from Bleacher Report joined Grant to discuss the coaching search that the Knicks are currently doing, along with the NBA playoffs. He is picking San Antonio to win the Western Conference Finals. He picked the Pacers as his early season favorite, jumped off the band wagon, now thinks he might be back on. Steve Kerr was Phil Jackson’s 1st coach that he wanted to hire. He said if he was running the Knicks, he wouldn’t keep Carmelo. Grant believes Rudy Gay will opt out of his contract. Howard believes there will be a market for Rudy’s services, however he doesn’t think that Rudy should opt out of his contract, leaving $19 million on the table.


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